COVID-19 Arrangements

With mask-wearing and social distancing no longer mandatory, we have revised our COVID arrangements. The stewards are implementing the following procedures:

  • Members who wish to wear a mask and keep a greater social distance are advised to sit on the right as they enter the church form the Rainbow room where chairs will be 2m apart
  • Members who wish to sit closer together and not wear masks are asked to sit on the left where chairs will be 1m apart
  • Windows will be opened 30 minutes before the service and ventilation ensured during the service
  • Hand sanitiser station are available and use is encouraged
  • Everyone is asked to be respectful of personal space and maintain a safe distance
  • You no longer need to book a place to come to church – your name will still be recorded as having been there for test and trace purposes and kept secure for 21 days as is the current arrangement

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the stewards who will hopefully be able to assist.

We hope that you find these arrangements a way forward that meets the various needs for the people of God who meet to worship in our premises.

Our thanks to all those who have supported the leadership team in any way during the last two years as we have tried to enable worship whilst keeping our church family safe.